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Why eCommerce Processors Should Pay ...

Recently, I had the honor of participating in a webinar with our global processing friends at BlueSnap. In the webinar, we took a look at shopping cart and checkout abandonment and shared 10 solid tips to help convert more shoppers into buyers. And it was great. The vision of BlueSnap is the same as ours: […]

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Your Guide to New Sales ...

The New Sales Tax Rates in the States have gone into effect this month. How has your online store been effected? Have you run into obstacles in calculating or communicating these changes? TaxJar has put together a handy guide to walk you through the process as an e-tailer, from the basics of sales tax to determining where […]

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Collect More Emails to Convert ...

Some people think that there is a moment between indecision and decision where the outcome can be influenced by even the gentlest breeze. There are also those who believe that destiny is not fixed, but rather that every action creates a multitude of possible futures that we navigate along during our life’s journey. And right […]

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