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15 Hilarious Online Shopping Fails

We’ve all seen the good, the bad, and the ugly, but take a look at these 15 ultimate online shopping fails in this Bored Panda piece entitled “15+ People Who Deeply Regret Shopping Online”. It’s pretty funny and ridiculous, but it also reveals something about the nature of online shopping. Shoppers often take risks when purchasing […]

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How to Handle 8 Challenging Customer Service Scenarios with GREGORY CIOTTI

  Wouldn’t it be easy to be able to say “yes!” to all of your customers needs? Unfortunately, there are times when you just gotta refuse. How do you go about that without putting a bad taste in your customer’s mouth? Gregory Ciotti of Help Scout discusses how to retain a posotive customer/merchant relationship when […]

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5 ways to alienate your customers with Elizabeth Hollingsworth of PracticalEcommerce

  When running a business, no matter what the size, it’s the little details that make big things happen. And unfortunately, it’s usually those small details that fall throught the cracks and ultimaetly sink your ship. Elizabeth Hollingsworth of PracticalEcommerce outlines 5 fantastic poor customer service practices which garauntee your customers will run for the hills, withut looking […]

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