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"We have been working with AbandonAid for a year and half and are glad to recommend them. We have tracked an ROI of 15X for the money we spend. The dashboard is intuitive and easy to use. " Evan DuVerlie, Luna Bazaar

Real time vs. non-real time abandonment solution: a study

Your customer just abandoned his cart. Within 21 to 26 minutes post abandonment, your customer will find a competitor. He’s going, going, gone….. With 69% of all intended purchases being abandoned, you, as a merchant, do not have the luxury to ignore these numbers.  The average non-real time solution responds within 21 hours….. What’s the […]

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How emotional triggers get people to buy – Infographic

“Appealing to the logical mind is an important aspect of communication… but don’t forget about the emotional side too. Learn the key emotions to tap into, why it’s effective across many platforms and types of audiences, and tips to craft your own emotional copy with the most powerful words and phrases.”   Emotions play an […]

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30 client retention ecommerce tools list: Boost your sales potential in 2016 with Nick Campbell

      “There is a wide range of platforms to build an online store with, but it requires more than just running an e-store to succeed in commerce today. Once your store is ready, you should think about the ways to fulfill its maximum potential. Turning one-time visitors into return customers is a challenge, […]

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